The BGMS Band Program is based on a high level of respect for our
band, bandmates, music, instruments, and rehearsals.

8th Grade Band

            This is another exciting year for students in band!  Continuing this year, our 8th Grade Band will combine with the WHS Concert Band to perform at WHS Football home games as the largest pep-band that has performed in Willits in over 5 Years!  Each school’s band is learning the same music and will have a combined rehearsal before our performances.

Also continuing this year, 8th Grade students will have the opportunity to participate in our second annual Lake-Mendocino Middle School Honor Band on March 27th & 28th. Our nominated 8th Grade Band members will combine with other nominated band members from other middle schools in both Lake and Mendocino Counties to perform in a high caliber Wind Ensemble.

            Students will continue to participate in our cookie dough fundraiser in October, to save for their opportunity to take their long-awaited trip as 8th Graders to perform in the Music in the Parks Festival in Vallejo, CA.  This will be an exciting opportunity for students to perform and work with other professional clinicians who have fun ways to help students think differently about and improve their playing.  After their performance, students will change clothes and spend the afternoon in the park, then come back for the awards ceremony.  Parents, we will need chaperones for this all-day event.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to be a chaperone for this event.  Thank you, Parents.

            Throughout the year, 8th Grade Band will continue to hone their musical skills as individuals and as an ensemble.  Incorporating a solo and chamber performance piece into our concert last year was an even bigger success than I imagined it would be.  And so each year, students will have an opportunity to perform a solo or chamber piece at our Solo & Chamber Recital on April 3rd.