Concert Schedule 2018-2019

            This year is going to be full of even more exciting performance opportunities for students.  Not only are these concerts fun and exciting for our students, but they are a great way to share students’ beautiful sound and amazing developing skill with our supportive community.  The more presence our BGMS Music Program has in our community through concerts and other public performances, the bigger our BGMS Music Program and reputation can grow with their support. 

            2018-2019 will also be the first year that the BGMS 8th Grade Band will combine with the WHS Concert Band and start a parade band for our town’s 4th of July Parade.  All of BGMS and WHS Music Programs’ financial support comes from our community members.  This parade is an amazing opportunity to give back to our community and show off our musicians’ skill and growing BGMS and WHS Music Programs.

  • September / October – Pep Band Performances for WHS Home Football Games –  8th Grade Band combined with WHS Concert Band
  • December – Concert at Blosser Lane Elementary – During school day –  7th Grade Band
  • January – Winter Concert – All Grade Level Bands
  • January / February – Willits/Ukiah Middle School Music Festival at Ukiah HS – 8th Grade Band
  • March – Solo & Chamber Recital – All Grade Levels
  • April / May – Music in the Park Music Festival in Vallejo – 8th Grade Band
  • May – End-of-the-Year Concert – All Grade Level Bands
  • May – Elementary School Band Concert – during school day – 6th Grade Band
  • June – Promotion Ceremony Concert – 7th Grade Band
  • June – Promoting 8th Grade Band Rehearsals with WHS Concert Band for 4th of July Parade
  • July – 4th of July Parade – 8th Grade Band combined with WHS Concert Band