Guitar Class

            Welcome to your exciting guitar playing journey!  Guitar class is a rotating trimester-long elective in which students will learn how to read and play music on guitar.  Over the course of the trimester, students will learn to recognize different rhythms and notes on the staff, beginning with the first string (the highest sounding string on guitar) down to the sixth string (the lowest sounding string on guitar).  All students who have not previously taken guitar will begin with music and guitar basics as a group with me.  After this group learns the basics, they are able to branch out to individual work as I circulate in the room to guide learning and answer questions.  At this point in their learning, students will work on 1 or 2 specific exercises in the book to show off for the class.


Advanced Guitar

            If approved by the teacher, students who excel at guitar, who are on-task and respectful of the class’ learning environment, may remain in the class for more than one trimester.  If approved by the teacher, students who excel at guitar and have taken 3 trimesters of guitar class will have an option to continue in guitar class, focusing on jazz guitar (improvisation and comping), guitar ensemble, or solo guitar to join our jazz band or chamber and solo performances at our seasonal concerts.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to take their playing to the next level and allow audience members to enjoy the beautiful music on which they have been working!


Purchasing Your Own Guitar

            Purchasing any musical instrument is an investment.  In order for students to progress in their instrumental technique, their instrument must be high enough in quality to allow the student to progress and not hold her/his skill back.  If you are interested in purchasing a guitar for your student, please allow me to help guide you in that process so that you are able to purchase a guitar that best suits your student’s needs and goals.  There are many guitars that are sold inexpensively; however, these guitars are cheaply made, they will have poor sound, and/or will break after a short amount of time.  Please email me or leave a voice message on my BGMS phone after 3:30pm if you are considering purchasing a guitar for your student; I would be very excited to help you!



            Music is such a wonderful gift, and I absolutely love teaching music in an enthusiastic, positive, and respectful environment!  I love listening to students who are excited to show off their newly learned musical techniques, and challenge students by an encouraging and positive approach.  I look forward to the music your student will be making in my class!