The BGMS Band Program is based on a high level of respect for our
band, bandmates, music, instruments, and rehearsals.


7th Grade Band

            This is another key year for students in band!  Students will continue to participate in our cookie dough fundraiser in October, so that during their 8th grade year, they will be able to take their long-awaited trip to perform in the Music in the Parks Festival in Vallejo, CA. 

            As per popular demand for an additional BGMS band concert at Blosser Lane, the 7th Grade Band will revisit Blosser Lane and perform with their more refined 7th grade sound in December before Winter Break.

            There is one very exciting accomplishment that students will achieve during the first half of the school year: completing their method book and transition to sheet music!  Even though the same pieces were performed by the previous year’s 7th grade band, the pieces were composed progressively in a way that gives students the best foundation of all musical elements.  After students complete their Measures of Success method book, they will be more prepared for and be more successful at playing higher grade level music which they will begin during the second half of their 7th grade year.  Performing more technical music will also prepare them for all of the exciting and fun opportunities that await them during their 8th Grade year! 

            Incorporating a solo and chamber performance piece into our concert last year was an even bigger success than I imagined it would be.  And so each year, a student’s opportunity to perform solo or chamber music at our End-of-the-Year Concert will begin during the second half of her/his 7th grade school year. 

            After our End-of-the-Year Concert, 7th Grade Band students will be rehearsing Pomp and Circumstance to once again have a live performing ensemble at the 8th Grade Promotion.  After our concert, 7th Grade Band students will also be rehearsing high school pep band music to prepare for their 8th grade year’s combined BGMS & WHS pep band performances at the high school’s home football games.

Check out the 8th Grade Band page to learn about the exciting musical opportunities that lay ahead!