Vision & Donations

            One of my personal 5-Year Goals is to have a complete inventory of solid quality musical instruments by adding to the inventory we already have, or replacing worn out instruments, depending on our inventory’s priorities.  Musical instruments are extremely expensive and each instrument ranges from $500 - $4,000.  I am very sensitive to only purchasing instruments that are a priority for what our program and students need to succeed and reach its potential.  I have listed the instrument needs of our BGMS Music Program below, in order of priority.

            If you appreciate the vision of the BGMS Music Program and would like to help financially support us in achieving our goals and visions, please feel free to contact Chris Olds at or (707) 459-2417 / Ext. 1245.  If you would like to make an anonymous donation, you may discretely place your cash donation inside of an envelope labeled BGMS Music Program Donation and give it to Tami or Pam at the front desk in the school office.  If you would like to write a check, please make your check payable to BGMS (Memo: Music Program Donation) and give it to Tami or Pam at the front desk.  Thank you for any donations you make!  You are what financially enables us to reach our highest potential as the BGMS Music Program!

The following is a list of instrument needs to meet our 5-Year BGMS Music Program Vision Goal