The BGMS Band Program is based on a high level of respect for our
band, bandmates, music, instruments, and rehearsals.


6th Grade Band

            6th grade is full of many “firsts” for a band member.  During their first two weeks, students will play every instrument in band in an “instrumental petting zoo” setting.  I will demonstrate a given instrument and then guide students in producing a sound on that type of instrument.  I have found that this is a more successful approach in choosing instruments because students are immediately more successful at band if they naturally have a good sound on a specific instrument.

            Beginning in 6th Grade, students learn a strong foundation of musical elements (Rhythms, Notes, Articulations, Dynamics, Style), while playing with the best tone possible and balancing their sound with the ensemble in which they are playing.  Any performing ensemble (band) is a team effort.  Each student plays a key role in contributing to the ensemble’s sound and progress.  During students’ 6th Grade year, they will learn 4 main elements of being a band member: 1) To love and enjoy their sound, 2) To have a high level of respect for who they are and what they do as band members, 3) To play and rehearse together, 4) To be a successful team.

            During October, all band students will continue to participate in our BGMS Band Program’s cookie dough fundraiser, so that during their 8th grade year, they will be able to take their long-awaited trip to perform in the Music in the Parks Festival in Vallejo, CA. 

            All grade level bands will perform in two concerts together and in one concert that is unique to their grade level.  At the end of the year, the 6th Grade Band will be able to show off how much they have learned about being a BGMS Band Member by performing a concert at each of the two elementary schools: Blosser Lane and Brookside.  This is 6th Grade Band members’ first opportunity to set a positive example for a younger group.

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